Taming a tail - for those who have the courage to do it


In this part of the world the weekend has already drawn to a close - and what a sweet one it's been in this little kitty-kindergarten. The kittens (I swear) are growing a little every day and getting more confident and brave. Twinkle, dear little thing, has already been abandoned by kitty mom so he is now standing on his own paws - but all members in the garden have taken very well to Twinkle, so he is in good company. He has been spending a good time hissing at the other cats if they came too close - a job kitty mom otherwise did brilliantly for him. It's been a courageous step for him to get to have a physical interaction with the other cats (figuring out that they only have a friendly intent). I was therefore thrilled to see his confidence in playing with Benji's tail... just look at this sweet bravery.


And what was Benji's response? He was so brotherly, sweet and docile. He didn't twitch a muscle but allowed Twinkle to have a moment of great bravery.

Stay tuned for more tales!


Jules said…
Awww, I love kittens! And this is such a sweet set of pictures. Thanks for sharing.
missing moments said…
Benji is one cool cat to let this little guy bug him! Love the pics!
Becca said…
This is such a great post! So cute!
Anna E said…
Gosh, Twinkle is just too cute - and so is Benji´s tail ;-)) And Benji´s colour and fur are irresistable - if possible I would cuddle him all day long :-)
Anesha said…
How adorable and such a good big brother to let him play with his tail! :)
Marg said…
Benji, you are the best boy to let Twinkle play with your tail like that. Twinkle, you are so darn cute and we sure are glad to hear that you are getting braver now. Great pictures. Take care.
Catherine said…
Oh this does the heart good! I am smiling! Such good kitties to all be getting along together and everyone making an effort. Oh if us humans were always so obliging.

Love it!
xo Catherine
MarkD60 said…
Such concentration for a kitty!
Anonymous said…
Benji is a sweetheart! Precious captures!
ABBY said…
YOU are adorable and Benji is just so kind and patient.
love your "tales"....you should publish a book of your photographs and musings...I will be the FIRST in line to purchase it!
A lovely set of pics! What a handsome sweet and brave boy, Twinkle is. And Benji is handsome patience personified.
Suzane Weck said…
Muito lindas suas fotografias e seus gatinhos;alias gostei demais de seu blog.Virei sempre fazer uma visitinha.Abra├žos.
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

You got some great pictures of pure kitten love and above all HAPPINESS!

Lots of love,

phylliso said…
She looks like she`s measuring the tail,so cute!phyllis
junelle said…
This has to be one of my favorite stories...what fun and look how healthy they are! I love your kitties...I do!

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