Young cat girl


Some days ago I received a blog award from Corner of  Cat's Mind - thank you sweet Catherine! It’s a heart-warming thought that someone finds your blog read-worthy enough to spread the word. I believe the award came with the prerequisite to tell five things about myself – and to pass on the award.

I’ve wondered; what do I tell? Well, instead of telling five things about myself I’ve chosen to go freestyle and do a special little “celebration” as the award also coincided with hitting the 100 followers mark on the same day. So I thought to reveal a little more of myself - and here it is… a serendipitous snapshot from my childhood (first photo of myself ever included in a post!).

When I was about 9 or 10 years old my mother came home from a night shift one early and very cold winters morning. She used to come and wake me up for school  - and it was never an easy task getting me out of bed, particularly in the dark and cold of winter! But this morning she had an adorable trick up her sleeve – or under her coat to be more specific. She sat down at my bedside and said; “Look what I’ve got under my coat!”  A starved and frightened black and white kitten peeked out from underneath her coat – she’d rescued it from a deep ditch from which it had been unable to get itself up. It was   L O V E   at first sight… and I guess you could say today – a whole lot more than that!! I loved her to absolute bits and after her much to short life (too many kittens and too much ignorance in the 70's) I threw my love on a German shepard - the next discarded pet (too many imperfections for its first owner apparently!) to enter our family. She was a perfect goof-ball - I could dress her with my track suit and socks (I'll spare you the photo, LOL) and she just gobbled up all the attention. 

I have very fond memories of animals from my childhood but cats for some reason has left a very indellible mark inside (maybe a happy print from that cold winters morning?). 

As for passing on the award I'll be cheeky and leave that for the next post (including photo). 

So there you have it... the humble beginnings of young cat girl.


MarkD60 said…
Your German Shepard sounds like our Sheba. She will put up with any foolishness we dish out, which is a lot!
sunshine said…
Loved the picture! Thanks for always sharing, love your blog and the way your put your heart and soul into it and into loving animals!!!
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

What a touching story! Your Mom loved animals as much as you do. She came home from her night shift and yet in the cold of the early morning she rescued this kitten! What a great awakening... The joy we get from animals one cannot put into words.
Thanks for sharing!

Lots of love,

Marg said…
That was so neat that your Mom brought home that little lost kitten. We had a cat when I was a child but mostly dogs. I didn't get cat crazy until late in my life. Any animal is just the best to have in your life. I don't know what I would do without my animals. I like how Mariette put it. Take care and you have a super day.
ABBY said…
What a sweet picture! You can see the love coming through. Mom said to tell you that her family comes from Fredericia. Her Grandparents emigrated and her Mom was born in the US.

Catherine said…
I love this story! Oh us animal lovers start at a very young age don't we? I was lucky enough to spend my first 8 years of life on a farm. We had cows, a horse, a couple of dogs, a few cats, rabbits, 1 raccoon, 2 Hawks, a few guinea pigs... well.... I'm sure you are getting the picture. ;)

Very fun post my friend!
xo Catherine
Bossy Betty said…
Oh, I loved this story! Have you read the book "Dewey"? If not, drop every thing and go read it now.

That picture just melts my heart.
Repositório said…
Lovely picture and story!!!!!
Sadee Schilling said…
What a sweet story! I'm a cat person myself. I have a mischievous black cat named Sebastian who likes to try and help me paint :). And thank you for visiting my blog this week and leaving such an encouraging comment.
I love your photo and accompanying story. It actually brought a happy little tear to my eye. Thank you for brightening my day!
Anna E said…
Soo endearing and sweet and sentimented story and photo. Thanks for sharing it all. The photo surely reveals you love for the cat, and I know that you have really upheld the care and values, that your dear mother planted in you as a seed on that morning. If she can see you now, surrounded by rescued kittens, she will SO proud :-)) <3
phylliso said…
You are so adorable with your kitten!Your mom sensed that you needed a pet at that time in your life,it brings a tear to my eye,you have carried on with the love,phyllis
Barbara said…
What a sweet story! Our German Shepherd (mix - we think with Great Dane!) must have been a reject from someone else - he just wandered up and adopted us (and stole our hearts.) I don't think he'd let us dress him up, though.

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