But then there's the sunshine...


Admitted, it was a very tough week but my goodness how all your kind and compassionate words helped carry me through. Yesterdays sad turn of events did make me count my lovely blessings - the gorgeous furry bundles whose lives were saved from a certain death or a miserable existence by the dumpsters. They truly are my sunshine and light up my days.  Given the fact that we've had an extremely hot day today they all retreated inside for some cool chillin', which gave ample opportunity to grab a few new snapshots. In this image above it's Tiny who was the first official rescuee - he was litterally dying from a severe respiratory infection when he was just 7-8 weeks old. Him and his brother Ninja (below) were the first to appear in the garden last fall. They were two feral kittens - now a couple of  cheeky young goof balls, which I can cuddle.

Then there's lovely Benji. Rescued from a dumpster life by a busy road when he was 5-6 months old (grabbed him when I found him badly mauled and with a flu). He is amazing. He is so kind and so placid. He has turned out to be so perfect with the little kittens. He used to be really hyper but looking after the kittens, it seems he's found a purpose in life. You might have seen the lovely images of him and Twinkle a few weeks ago and he simple adores Emma.

And Emma adores  him right back. Here it's Emma below - rescued when she was 7-8 weeks old. She was drowning in the neighbors water container. It appeared she was a little kitten that had gotten lost from mommy kitty (maybe mommy kitty died). She used to look for something to suckle whenever cuddled - obviously she was missing the warmth of suckling milk. Well guess what... she has taken to snuggling tightly with Benji - and suckling under his armpit! Yes, Benji is a boy :-) It is the cutest sight. The lovliest thing is that they both purr loudly and completely blisssed out. A typical moment is one like the one above where Benji is deeply asleep and Emma will creep in and start suckling!

Don't belive this girl for a moment (above). She is just looking up as if not to get caught in the act! But she does indeed suckle Benji. He'll usually embrace her with his big tender paws. Her impish cuteness is illegal. Twinkle is absent in this photoshoot as he was busy being a big boy sleeping in the bushes. He loves hanging out with these guys.

And of course the darling Noona. So tired but sooo very happy to be back home again this morning. We had a "Noona fest" where we just fussed over her for an hour before she desperately wanted a sleep. Here she is resting in my husbands arms. Purring the entire time before she fell asleep.

And having talked of my little sunshines... I received a Sunshine Award a few days ago from Mariette's Back to Basics - a lady with a passion for travel, gardening, fine things, etiquette and manners (and honestly, where do you find that these days??). I'm thrilled whenever the stories of these otherwise unwanted little people of God reaches the world and I thank you for helping me spread the word. 

Very fittingly I would like to pass on the award to Sunshine, author of Such Life In The Tropics. She was the very first person to leave a comment on Gods Little People and it spurred me on at a time where I seriously didn't think anyone was out there reading this blog. She's a loyal blog companion (I really appreciate the quality of loyalty!) and I love reading her blog - so full of life, humor, happy days and a sense of celebrating life - and we share a great love of animals. I always thought her blogger name couldn't be more fitting.


Anna E said…
Such lovely lovely pictures with such an abundance of warmth, satisfaction, love, care and peace...Tinys eyes shine like emerolds or aquamarines, so completely fulfilled. You surely are surrounded by richness, and the environment with the lovely blankets and pillows so match the whole atmosphere of happyness :-))
Anna E said…
PS Tillykke med din award, den er velfortjent! Hmm, gad vide om der også findes en award for at være den første follower af en blog, eller for at have læst samtlige indlæg, eller have skrevet flest kommentarer? I så fald står du i hvert fald til en award på min blog ;-)
Anesha said…
Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and stories. So glad that Noona is back with you and looking well. Thank you for rescuing God's little creatures!!
Deb said…
These photos are a testament to your work. They are all so beautiful.
Draffin Bears said…
Hi Joan,

Congratulations on your Award and you so deserve this as you bring so much happiness and love to the sweet cats you have rescued. Thank you for doing this.
So glad to hear that Noona is back home with her family.
I visited Mariette and love the sweet purse you made for her ... fabulous.
Wishing you a lovely weekend

Repositório said…
Oh My God!!! I´m absolutelly in love about this post!
I love reading the stories about each and every kitten. Do they live with you now or do they still live outside? Do you just sometimes bring them in the house? I was confused about that part. No matter you have enabled them to be healthy and to live wonderful lives full of love which they so richly deserve! You should get a sunshine award every day!
I will check out your friend's blogs as well.
ABBY said…
What lovely words to accompany such lovely photos. These kittens are the very reason you open your heart...many many blessings...

sunshine said…
Thanks for the lovely award, I am proud to have been there reading you for this long and hopefully longer to come.

Finding your blog was a blessing in my life. Getting to know you is being a wonderful gift. Realized the the kind of person that you are and the amazing kindness you show to animals in need (specially your lovely kitties), make me happy to be loyal and cherish your example, you are an inspiration to me.

I agree with Caren And Cody, you deserve a sunshine award every day!!!
Vicky at PPCT said…
Lovely photos and lovelier descriptions to go with them :)
Little Wren said…
Such lovely photos and thanks for sharing a little piece of their stories with the pictures. I get such a blessing and feeling of "rightness" after I read one of your posts. Thanks so much for that!
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

What a nice way of passing the Sunshine Award on; from the 100th follower to the 1st one!
You have written such wonderful text here above; very well transferred what your inner thoughts are on animal love... The photos are precious too. You produce excellent reading material.
We spent the day with dear friends, swimming and horse back riding. It was hot but a perfect day. Our felines were glad we got home in time for feeding them. They form a welcome committee on the driveway when we get home... Very warm such a welcome!

Lots of love and thanks for mentioning me; I feel honored!

Marg said…
Gosh, those are sure great pictures of all of the gang. They all look really happy and content. So glad to see Noona looking good. She had a rough go. They are all so cute. Hope you have a great Sunday. Take care.
MarkD60 said…
You certainly have a way with cats!
I didn't know my wife was the first person to comment on your blog! Glad she found you!

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