Little golden deities

This evening we had a particularly spectacular sunset. All the characters gathered on the wall in front of the house as if to enjoy the glow which (I thought) made them all appear like little golden deities. 

As for the activities of this past week Molly above had to have a large abcess treated. She is one of the shy ferals which I've only just recently got to stroke. I felt terrible about having to grab her to go to the vet, but there was no two ways about it - it was an infected bite wound.

Also this week Pepper (mother to Tiny, Ninja and in the last round Twinkle) had, God better it, another litter of kittens. Yes, say what! She is a world class escape artist and has espaced various cage-trappings, two times getting netted (by a proffesional!) and being drugged with a sleeping pill in the attempt to catch her for neutering. Yes, I can hear the God's laughing at me in the light of my last post. She gave birth the day after!! At least this time around the weather is on her side (it's very warm day and night and not a raindrop in sight). I will try to keep things calm at base and hope she did like last time, where she eventually brought the kittens around.

When Molly (again above) came back from her vet treatment I felt concerned that it would be the end of her confidence with me for a long while. I was extremely touched when she sat at her usual spot the very next morning waiting for me to come give her food  - and she let me pet her! I was so humbled.

And it seems Humphrey's (above) owners has arrived for the summertime - he looks very well fed and very happy. He arrived skinny and in a clearly depressed state after his owners left during winter time.  Now he just comes for an evening snack - cats are clever! 

Noona is making great progress and will be going in for her neutering this coming week. She's found out what it means to play and being a kitten again - so delightful. More images to come this coming week. 


missing moments said…
Wonderful pictures with the sun in the background!
Poetic Soul said…
I love this pictures, the light from thre sun makes them breathtakingI love this pictures, the light from thre sun makes them breathtaking
Deb said…
I love your photos. They are so calming and beautiful. I always say a cat can enhance any photograph but you do take amazing ones. I hope you do see the kittens and can help them in the near future. Hugs Deb=^..^=x4
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

Well, your Pepper seems to act like a Houdini and manage to escape her fate for being spayed! What a feline; she rather has more babies I guess...
So glad to hear that things go well for most of them, especially Noona. How happy she will be for having a relaxed play-time with a full tummy!!!

Lots of love,

Anesha said…
Glad to hear some good news about your lovely furry ones. Lovely photos. :)
MarkD60 said…
Very cool shots!
Marg said…
Great pictures. It is always so great when they come home from the vet and they think you saved them from the vet. Glad Molly thinks you are special now. Sometimes it does help to capture them and sometimes it doesn't. It really is humbling to be trusted by these feral kitties. Have a great day.
ABBY said…
Just love the pictures!
Repositório said…
The photos are beautiful too!
Well, cats are intelligent and in the case of Molly, she knows she was going to the vet for her own good. Even the way you took it.
ohhh myyyyyyyyy these are exquisite!
Catherine said…
I love these images ~ and I love the updates on everyone!

Cats... they really are the cleverest aren't they?
xo Catherine

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