Rosie & Rufus


YES! - the little girl is back and thank you ALL so much for your warming words of encouragement and sweet prayers. I believe Rosie felt it all because this girl has made good progress (according to her actual condition). She returned back home yesterday after 3 days of observation at the vet. I could see a brighter look in her eyes and when she was released back into her room she instantly went for the food bowl - and washed it down with water! Seems silly, but my hands went in the air as this was the first time ever I've seen her drink water... woohoo!! It was as if she instantly wanted to quell my fears (I brought her to the vet because she'd stopped eating and didn't drink any water at all - and I seriously wondered if she would pull through).

Well, she pulled another surprise on me just an hour later when the entire motley kitty crew arrived for their evening meal. There's usually 6-8 of them that gathers in the kitchen for a little yummy snack (wet food). When I went to feed them my husband stayed behind in the room with Rosie and we decided to leave the door open so she could get a sense of her new colony to stimulate her sense of belonging. We sat back with dropped jaws as Rosie swooped out of her room and went straight to Noona's bowl,  pushed her aside and started eating! Noona was startled but indulged the little stranger that seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was a wonderful scene where all happily ate together and it was obvious that this was something Rosie had been used to before. After the meal had finished she was sniffed by a few and popped back into her room.

Here she reclined back onto her little "Teddy-bear" blanket. Apparently (I did a search about kitten depression online) a "Teddy-bear" blanket sprayed with a few whiffs of Feliway mimics the softness of a kitty mom and has a calming scent. It acts as a  pleasing "surrogate" after the removal from kitty mom. She purrs loudly and kneads her little blanket real well and now - instead of retreating into her box - she sleeps on her "Teddy-bear." She is doing well (even plays a tiny bit as you can see in the first image) and yet this little furry bundle has to gain a LOT of strength. She is still anemic and needs loads of rest. 

As I mentioned in my last post, Rufus (I have come to believe her brother is a little boy??) has had the same treatment for worms and parasites. He didn't go to the vet as Rosie because he is very boisterous and roams around with kitty mom, but I have been back to the park everyday to feed him and since he lets me handle him I've been able to give him the treatments. All images above of both Rosie and Rufus are from today. If you see the images from 12 days ago (when I first discovered them both) you can see that Rufus' furcoat looks so much better, he has put on weight too and he actually has a softer look in the eyes. If you wonder about the shiny  streak of fur by his ear it's due to that he gets fed a special wet food to boost his immune system and the excitement usually stirrs up such a commotion that a bit of it lands on his head. Today he didn't mind polishing off a few dry pellets as well!


sunshine said…
WOW! I am so happy to hear about Rosie's progress, she really does look much better, God Bless her and you for being having such a wonderful and caring soul.
Good thing to know about the teddy bear blanket, I also know that when kitties are separated from their mother it's a good idea to use a small analog clock and the "ticking" of it simulates the mother's heart and it helps them relax and sleep better!
Always great to hear good news from your side of the rainbow, good luck with Rufus and the rest of the pack!!!

In other news, I am finally able to pet my "little one" and making progress in petting "BTK" as well!!!
kathrin said…
oh I love them all I wish you a lot of luck for all that pets !!! big hugh Kathrin
505whimsygirl said…
Ohhh, the kitty love. I can just feel it through my computer screen. Very interesting about the teddy bear blanket. A friend of mine has a casita in the remote hills of northern New Mexico and has a clan of feral cats that stay around her home.
Thank you for what you do!!
What sweet, sweet pictures you have shared today that have truly warmed my heart and soul!! What an amazing difference you have made!!

We will keep sending healthy thoughts and energy from Virginia that all continues to go well!!
ABBY said…
Oh Little Miss Rosie you are such a wonderful blessing. This is so uplifting to see these two come around so well with some love,food and care. Bless you for giving them these 3 things.
Daisy said…
What great news! They both look so much brighter and happier!
missing moments said…
oh, they both are looking so much better! Wonderful pictures of these little guys ... which can be hard to get!
Anonymous said…
I can't believe the difference - the photos are precious! I'm so glad little Rosie is acclimating so well! You've done an amazing job!
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

What a joy to see Rosie and Rufus doing so much better! That second photo from Rosie's pink mouth is so cute. She is at ease and sleeps probably for the first time in her life with a full tummy and so peaceful. Love does wonders!
Have a great weekend and lots of love for the both of you and all your furbabies!

Sierra said…
I am so glad Rosie is doing better! This is such heartwarming news and she and her brother are so adorable! :)
Anesha said…
Such wonderful news!!! So happy that they are both doing well and that Rosie is more at ease now. Jumping for joy for you!!!
Anna E said…
A picture truely says more than a thousand words! To look into Rufus´amber coloured eyes and Rosie dark green says everyting, and such a transformation has taken place from the earlier pictures.
If you were to take on a new "job-title", it would be "Cat-Whisperer" (like Horse whisperer)!
Love and support to all of you :-))
Catherine said…
Isn't it amazing what a little bit of love and kindness and medicine can do. Rosie cuddling in her blanket is adorable!
I love it!
xo Catherine
MarkD60 said…
I like the black one in the last pic...
Julia Williams said…
This is such great news for both Rosie and Rufus!!! I hope and purray they will both be okay. Such little sweethearts.
Sylvia said…
I'm so happy to read this wonderful news, Joan !
Cornelia said…
It warms deeply into the heart again and again how Rosie and Rufus are doing great progress at your graceful touch:-) and efforts of many kinds. Without you they would have found a very painful, unimaginable painful death.
You found them and they are now experiencing New Life.
'All will turn out well' - gets refreshed and new because of you!!!
You're doing a wonderful job. Thank you so much for helping these babies.
Repositório said…
What a elicious news about the babies!

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