Happy tally sheet


Unfortunately there were a few lives we couldn't save this year. BUT... there were many we did save from a certain death. Here's a little gallery of the most poignant stories - those that did face death. Above it's Benji who was rescued on a cold winter day last February. I found him badly mauled (if you don't know his story check out the huge abcess on the right side of his face) and with a bad flu. He was touch and go for three days (didn't eat or drink) but finally pulled through. Sometimes we endearingly call him Michael Oher (The Blind Side) - he scores very high on protective instincts :-) He does not have a mean bone in his body  - never never starts a fight and has taken lovingly care of each little newcomer. He has turned into a gentle giant.

A few images from December.

Then there's Emma who was drowning in our neighbors huge water tank (water is precious here and each drop is collected). The neighbors don't actually live there (so far they're just building a house) and it's unknown how she got into the water tank and how long she'd been paddling around. She suffered from a skin rash three months after her rescue.

But she turned out to be a wise little soul and she quickly adopted us (even though it took me an entire day to rescue her out of a complex piping system because she was so freaked out upon her initial rescue from the water tank). She is wise and deep and I am sure - has an old soul.

She soon struck up a tight knit friendship with Benji - actually they acted like soul mates.

They LOVED to snuggle when she was little...

- and they still LOVE to snuggle today. 

Noona's rescue is pretty difficult to forget. She was found in a pityful state in a typical Greek taverna. Lot's of cats fighting over the scraps people thew to them and Noona could never get to them because she was so heavy from a grotesque case of mamary hyperplasia. She was very underweight and I'm sure her swollen mamary glands actually weighed more than her entire body itself. Upon her rescue she suffered an abortion from the hormone treatment to treat the hyperplasia and she suffered horrible side-effects from the treatment. She had a swollen chin for several weeks and started eating the grit from the litter box. It's taken almost all year for her mamary glands to return to normal.

I am convinced Noona knows she was rescued from dying. Today - almost at any given moment - she can be found sat just quietly observing all her friends - purring loudly. She truly enjoys life. She loves to entertain everybody - she creeps under a blanket and gets everyone going chasing the "moving object" under the blanket - purring loudly naturally!

And dear dear Rosie... Rosie was found at deaths door.

She physically had to rest for 12 days before she stood upright after her rescue. She was so weakened from emaciation.  Today she has a V E R Y great love affair with her food. You can understand why!! She is a lovely cat but keeps herself to herself. She carries herself almost as someone who's known death. There's a look in her eyes where you almost feel as if she  knows what the rainbow bridge looks like - I swear!

And of course her sibling Rufus...

They were both in quite a chocking condition but initially Rufus seemed stronger. After about 12 days I scooped him too. 

Yes, above and below is the same cat, can you believe it!? Below is a recent image of Rufus on a gloriously sunny day.

Rufus and sis chilling on the porch!

And not to forget little Lilly...

She was such a sad little girl when I found her. Phychologically not a happy girl and covered in skin fungus.

But now she is a happy and content girl endearlingly known as "Darling Piglet"...


So there you have it, just a few of our "on the brink" rescues but there were as you know many more. 

From the entire crew -  wishing you a very happy and blessed New Year (and from left to right it's Maxi, Rufus, little Ellie in the background, Toddy, Emma and Benji. Oh... and bottom right it's Darling Piglet's happy tail!!


Deb said…
You just make my day, Joan. This is the stuff that keeps everyone who cares about the homeless cats going. You are a treasure. I wish you a wonderful year ahead and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. {{{{Hugs}}}} Deb
sunshine said…
This have got to be most inspiring and amazing "before and after" stories that I have ever seen, how amazing is to see those happy, healthy kitties, their entire soul shows in every "after" picture, just lovely!

Wishing you and your family (including the feline part of it!) the most wonderful blessed New Year 2012!
Random Felines said…
wow - thank you for the work you do and for these wonderful stories....it is a great way to ring in the new year!
Mariette said…
Dearest Joan,

Those are indeed God's Little People and each one of them is telling us a story about perseverence, love and above all: HOPE. It is a miracle how they turned all out, almost being too well fed. But sure, they will always have that memory of near death when food was none...
Thank you for your relentless efforts for rescuing them, even if it takes an entire day to 'fish' them out of the water... for nurturing them back to health and reassuring them with love. Hope they all stay healthy and live a long and happy feline life.
Wishing you and your dear husband a Happy New Year and the best of everything!

Love to you,

MarkD60 said…
You do great work and I'm glad you're here.
Cornelia said…
Each little soul that has come in contact with you is saved and blessed because of you. And also each of my family members who read, have read and have seen your sublime cards are blessed and enamoured with and adore your real and true "fruits" of your many efforts! Your touching pictures and stories tell of "An Other World "a completely "New World" in which true hope, worked at joy and sweet compassion are the New Salt and the playfulness and naturalness of God's Little People are the New World's New Waters. The New Year will be a continuance of what you started this year for what you started are New Rivers In The Heart of Sacred Planet Earth
Anesha said…
Wishing you and all your little ones a very Happy New Year! God bless you and give you all you need to keep on helping these little one. :)
Cornelia said…
...and our family of souls wishes your happy family of souls more happiness then what can be imagined now and many many New Years to continue to tell New Tales about how it is meant that life on Sacred Planet Earth is meant to be when IT IS... and IS is now "proven as fact" by you.
Jules said…
I said it before and I'll say it again, you truly have a BIG heart!!! Happy New Year to you and your kitty crew!
Madame said…
Åh Joan, hvor var det gribende at læse! Vi er store dyrelskere her hos os, men du er helt enestående.
Et rigtig godt og fantastisk nytår til dig! Knus
Sandra said…
Since I just started following your blog it was great to read about the furry little souls you saved. My husband once said to me: you can't save every one you know? My answer was: I will surely try.

Thank you for all that you do and I wish you a very happy and healthy new year.
505whimsygirl said…
I just love this post! Thank you for revisiting these great stories - what a great way to end the year.

Thank you for all that you do!!! You are AMAZING and so giving.

Kay aka 505whimsygirl
ABBY said…
I wish I could put my arms around your neck and give you a big hug. I am just sitting here with happy tears in my eyes. Seeing those faces and transformations is...leaving me speechless. Thank you seems so inconsequential for all that you do. May you have a blessed new year.
Happy new year
Cornelia said…
There is no better place to be in the world for us than to be on God's Little People's blog and see again and again your completely warming pictures and read your special post(s). They are together and each on their own account the confirmation, the actual sublime confirmation, that the best of the best happens under certain special circumstances in com/passionately grown ecology(ies) of NEW LIFE WELL COMING...
K. said…
Happy New Year Joan! congratulations for the rescues of the year, you do wonderful things, you are in my heart.
Johanna said…
My dear Joan,
what a happy, sad und hopeful collection of stories. I feel a special tenderness during my look at the pictures. My mother instinct starts immediatels when I see those fotos. You brought them all to their best form. I love the pretty long fur of Benji and Rufus. And I have never seen a cat with such bright pink ears like Darling Piglet. They are all great buddies and so cute that they don't fight together. A real lovely family. I hope you will have a glorious New year and your work will be successful in 2012, also.
Hugs, Johanna
Catherine said…
I can't believe the difference in those sweet kitties. Beautiful! Let's keep focusing on all the good stuff - it makes the hard stuff a little easier to bare.
All the best to you in 2012!
xo Catherine
Truly an amazing furbaby family!! These precious little souls are certainly God's little ones and gifts to us humans. Many continued blessings to you and your family.. for all the selfless acts of kindness you give. Know that because of you these little ones live in a better world! Happy New Year and may 2012 continue to be filled with joy happiness, love, good health and abundance ...xo HHL
Julia Williams said…
Ohy. My. Gosh. Those before pictures are so hard to look at but thank heavens for the "after" so you can see that all of your efforts are truly worth it. What beautiful souls they are. You have saved them from certain death and now look how lovely they all are!

All the best to you in the New Year.
Anna E said…
Kære Joan, hvor ER det rørende..! Hver eneste historie, hver eneste kats udstråling rører noget dybt indeni. Jeg tror, det er det guddommelige sted i os alle, hvor ting er som de er ment til at være. Du har virkelig skabt en himmel på jorden for disse katte, og det lys skinner ud af både dine og deres øjne. Må i alle få et velsignet nyt år, og mange mange år sammen i fremtiden.. <3<3<3
What a gorgeous post, and such miraculeous recoveries!! Such a happy litle crew you have there of beautiful cats !!Thank you for sharing their stories and for caring so much and looking after them so well !! Happy New year XOXOX
Repositório said…
You have a big big heart!!!!
Kisses and a lovely 2012!
Auntie Marilia & Bavarescats
missing moments said…
Such a beautiful post! So love stopping by and finding you this past year! All the best to you and your crew in 2012!
Viola said…
Again I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes.. So much sadness and awful things with the cats.. but lucily it ends good for all the cats, thanks beeing you!! ♥

I hope the new year 2012 brings all the best with happiness and pleasures for you and all the cats and kittens! :)

Peace & love, Viola :)
Viola said…
Happy New Year to all of you! ♥
Viola said…
Ser det er noen kommentarer på dansk her, snakker du dansk? I så fall foretrekker jeg å skrive på norsk, om du forstår hva jeg skriver :)

Nyttårsklem til deg og alle kattene! :)
junelle said…
What an absolutely beautiful post!!! These faces of sadness and unspeakable pain that change with love and food and shelter...they are glowing~

Just think if we all reached out in this kind of love to everyone around us...how things would change for so many (thinking people & animals).

I think you are definitely in the right place at the right time -- for them and for us. Spreading a message that is one of love & resolve & full of sparkling hope.

xo Junelle
Barbara said…
Makes my heart soar seeing the 'after' photos. You are doing so much good and I hope this helps today when you're mourning little Lilly. Hugs and blessings!!
Anya said…
I just discovered your blog - so much to read - and tears already reading about Lilly. Bless you for what you do - each time I discover a new blog of someone helping animals, I feel restored - that maybe not all is so hopeless after all. You have so many - I do my small part, but I haved saved many over the years, though currently have 6, and few "pending" outside. I must go read some more now. Oh and by the way - Rufus! What a difference! Is that really the same cat?? Amazing - a miracle.
Anna (http://catwhisperer.blogspot.com)
Katiez Katz said…
What beautiful before and after photos! Thank you for your inspurration... When I
have some funds to\spare3.....................................
oops that was Little Bear helping me type. will try to send you something.
Purrz, katie kat
Knatolee said…
I love these magical transformations, which aren't really magical so much as the hard work and love of you and your sanctuary! That last photo of everyone sunning themselves is so special.

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