Auction results (first batch)

 Winning bid: Bulldoggrrl, $17

Winning bid: Mie Høegh, $17

 Winning bid: Mie Høegh, $10

 Winning bid: Mie Høegh, $17

 Winning bid: Selma Høegh, $10

 Winning bid: Lis Høegh, $10

 Winning bid: Barbara Shallue, $10

 Winning bid: Shawn, $20

 Winning bid: Deb fromWelcome to Just Cats In-Home Cat Care, $25

Winning bid: Tina from My world according to me!, $20

 Winning bid: Bea from A Modern Country Lady, $15

  Winning bid: Bea from A Modern Country Lady, $15

Thank you all for participating!
Please leave your winning bid via the Paypal doante button 
and please remember + $5 shipping US & Canada and $4 for Europe


I have placed some bids on items that had not had bids on, hope this is OK.XX Bea
Deb said…
Wonderful. I'll get that off to you today. Hugs, Deb
Bea, that's terrific - consider them yours!! Will you please email your postal address again. Thanks so much!The shipping price for two items inside Europe is 5 dollars
Thank you very much Deb, will you also please email me your postal address again.
Barbara said…
Yay! Thank you, Joan! Glad I could help!
Tina said…
Well done Joan!
Barbara said…
Joan, I'm having trouble connecting to pay pal right now - my wi fi is acting flaky. I'll try again in about an hour, and will try on my old computer if necessary! But I'll get it to you today.
Terrific- I am so thrilled.I will email you my address .:-))))
Anna E said…
Hejsaaa - jubii, så var der ingen der bød over os!! :-) Vil lige høre, inden jeg betaler, om vi skal betale for porto også, eller satse på at få pungene leveret på "anden vis"..? Knuser A.
Shawn said…
OMC!! I won the bid!! Where do I send my green papers??

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