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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here we go!

So here we go - I'm launching the auction to cover Pesto's dental surgery. Pesto has had a great recovery and I asked him today if he would mind posing for all his lovely friends in the bloggersphere and for those lovely people who donated already (thank you SO much!), and he didn't mind at all. He is happy to show the world a face much less riddled with pain (I love the soft look in his face in this second image in particular) and he is proud to show that he still has some facial pride - the vet kept his canine teeth intact! I just love what this investment has done for Pesto's life quality - he is eating without pain already and today he even did some happy little wiggles in the sun. I've rarely seen him do that.

Ok then - and now to the practical side of this auction. For the sake of keeping it simple I will be posting all items on this blog. Each item will be posted as an individual post and you can then place your bid in the comment box. Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you - either by mail or your blog URL. For this first round (I will do more with handbags) I will auction off a series of small purses - all handmade by me. 

This auction will close already Sunday May 6th at midnight Pacific time, so please don't hesitate to place your bids. ALL OFFERS ACCEPTED! I will post all the winning bids Monday May 7th and I will then ask you to donate your winning bid via the Paypal button + $5 flat rate postage for the US and Canada and $4 for Europe (and $5 any other countries). For two items shipped together please add $2 for US and Canada and $1 for Europe ($2 for any other countries). 

Please be patient whilst I get all items listed but otherwise  thanks for participating and please feel free to spread the word! 

And to Marg - thanks a million for being such a terrific friend in purpose. 

P.s. The total cost of Pesto's dental surgery is approx. $220. So far approx $130 has been raised and anything exceeding this amount will instantly be used on spaying young female dumpster cats. Young (too young) pregnant females is a huge problem at the moment.


Maine Kitties said...

So happy to see that Pesto is enjoying life again! :)

Anesha said...

He looks so happy in these photos. Best of luck. Anesha :)

Anna E said...

So great to hear about Pestos recovery! And those purses are beautiful - and I know, from being the lucky owner of some of your purses, how good quality it is, and how much care and love is put into everything you make. Truly hope you will have sold out by sunday evening! :-)

Tina said...

I agree, he looks happy. Cats are so smart in finding the right person to take care of them and love them.

Kjelle Bus said...

Hi Pesto !
You sure look happy in these pictures :)

Marg said...

Pesto looks terrific. I will sure post this tomorrow and the rest of the week on my blog. I would think you might want to run it a little longer and maybe put in a starting bid. Also you might want to put in something about shipping. It might get expensive if people from the US bid on things. All the items look great. I will get going on advertising it.

Annuk said...

Awwww I'm so SO happy to see Pesto looking so much happier!!!! What a heartwarming post! Thank you for sharing these happy photos! :)

Your purses look gorgeous!!!!
I'm going to do a special post about your kitties and your wonderful work very soon! :)
Lots of love!

Sandra said...

I am so glad Pesto is pain free! I will wait for the handbags... do you maybe have in plan some that are not made from leather?
Hugs and thank you for all the help and love you provide our feline friends with.

Barbara said...

I've fallen behind on my blog reading again, but Pesto is so precious and I'm sorry that he had been in pain! Good luck on the auction. I'll place a bid but I won't be able to bid much, so as much as I'd love to have one of those beautiful purses, I hope someone outbids me! You're such a sweetheart!

LML said...

Thank you for helping these precious souls! I donated what I could this month to help little Pesto and all the other felines in your life :)

Catherine said...

Little Pesto is so sweet! Oh you do wonderful work my friend. Fantastic!
xo Catherine

Nerissa said...

Oh Pesto... I'm so happy to hear your mouth isn't hurting you anymore. Do you know what? My sister Constance had to have all her teeth taken out 'cause of gum disease and the last time we had our check-ups, our doctor gave HER mouth a perfect score!