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Just like last year I asked an Etsy seller and complete stranger back in November if she would like to donate towards my kitty cause in the shape of donating a gift to thank my vet for his kindness and tireless efforts with helping not only our cats but Greek all Greek cats and animals in general. As you can imagine we have huge expenses each month to look after the 50 cats in our care (including the dumpster cats we feed). So being urgent to put each cent and penny towards the care of the cats - to have someone donate a gift to our vet is utterly encouraging and so invaluable. 

So I send a HUGE thank you to artist Barbara Esposito and owner of Little Island Company in California. She responded to my request within 10 minutes and promptly sent this cute onesie. This year my Greek vet had the good fortune of getting married and is now expecting his first baby with his wife. So I simply couldn't resist these quirky kitty faces and that simple message "I like cats" (last year he had a t-shirt with the message "Real men loves cats"). 

I am feel so grateful that Barbara had trust in me and sent us this gift with no hesitation - and most importantly, she helped us thank our vet. He btw was busy during the Christmas days trying to save the lives of cats and dogs that had been poisoned in one of our local areas. 

Barbara, thank you for your trust and kindness. A happy and prosperous New Year to you and your little company. You can see more of the cute goods from Little Island Company here:   
The top image is our vet doing a selfie with the onesie :-)

AND to you my dear dear friends... You have been so kind to us this year. Thank you for your love, for your support, for your kind and encouraging words and not least your wonderful donations. You help us continue the work with the cats. For us it's now time for a bit of a think-tank to see how we might do more for the all feral cats of the islands. As you know we have long reached our physical limit with the cats but that doesn't mean that we don't feel the plea on behalf of all the other cats. We are itching to bring each kitty home and if we knew we could get them all adopted, we would bring them home in an instant. Anyhow.  See you in this space next year and until then...

FORTUNATUS (Latin meaning: blessed, prosperous, lucky, fortunate)
Original for sale in my Etsy shop


Marg said…
That was such a nice gift on all fronts. We sure wish all of you a very Happy New Year and lots of good health for all kitties and doggies and peeps too. Wishing you the very best.
Jane and Chris said…
Wishing you all very blessed 2014.
With love,
all of us at The Maple Syrup Mob..and more importantly,The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx
Kjelle Bus said…
Wish you a Happy Happy New Year !
Cute gifts !
I bet your vet love it ♡
What a fantastic gift!!! You do so much we are so delighted to know when asked the 'paw it forward' works all the way around.
love to you all and Happy new year!
Random Felines said…
what a wonderful gift and gesture! we send you wishes for a happy 2014!
Crafting Queen said…
Congratulatons to your vet. What a cute gift. Hope that the task of looking after those little souls get much easier in 2014. Sening lots of hugs.Anesha and Skipper
Dearest Joan,
That was a most precious little gift for your Vet! Purrfect for the occasion.
Your art work is stunning; you are very talented.
Wishing you both and also Rebecca, a Happy New Year in good health.
The Cat Guy said…
Happy New Year!!! Thanks for doing all you do to improve the lives of so many homeless cats! You are a blessing.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful gift! Wishing all of you who work so hard to give those cats a better life a beautiful 2014!
Catherine said…
Happy New Year my friend!
Wishing you and all the kitties love and good thoughts.
xo Catherine
Flynn said…
That is a lovely gift for your vet. Happy New Year to you!
Caren Gittleman said…
That is sooooooooooo incredibly SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
That's really a great gift! So cute. I hope for you, that you will find a good solution and that it will become a great and happy 2014 to you and all the cats.
Wish you all the best.
Annuk said…
What a beautiful story, dear Joan!!! Thank you for sharing with us! My warmest congratulations to the mommy and daddy-to-be, and special thanks to all the sweet people involved in this story... lovely and generous Barbara, your wonderful Vet Manos who truly makes such a great difference for cats on Syros, and of course... YOU, my sweet Joan, the fairy in this heartwarming New Year fairy tale! :)
Wishing you a wonderful year 2014, and may it be a happy year for all living creatures!
Big hugs!
tiffany said…
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