There's a candle in your heart waiting to be kindled...

A last batch of cards for 2013 with a selection of my favorite images from this year.
With the last sale two of the cards sold out instantly and many of you asked for it. Well, here's your chance again and this time they will be available through my Etsy shop for easements sake. It costs a little more - $5,50 - because we pay a listing fee, but I hope you understand that each precious cent goes entirely towards the cats. There's no added shipping fee whether you buy one or more. This time the cards will ship from America. Each card comes in a cello sleeve and as always will be lovingly wrapped and shipped.

And this time I chose the above quote by Rumi. When we rescue a lonely little stray or orphaned soul I believe it's a beautiful process of removing hopelessness and despair - something that I have seen too often in the eyes of a little cat. And the rescue is mutual... We light a candle in a little heart and they do in our hearts. We fill a void in a little soul and they fill ours. And we certainly feel it. We rescue them and they rescue us right back!

So here's your choice of five images all together...

You will have met all the characters during earlier posts.

And the bitty Buttercup...

The cards naturally come without the watermarks and is the same beautiful quality as ever. 
Pop over to my Etsy shop for more details. You can also follow the Etsy link on the right side of this page.

Thank you!


Crafting Queen said…
They are beautiful photos. Those kitties are lucky little souls. Lots of hugs to the kitties and humans. :)
Cosmic said…
My 20m son & adore these ultra-cute feline beauties, keep up the beautiful work, lovely!

Dearest Joan,
Such a lovely project and I hope that many will open up their hearts to warm a kittens life!
Since losing my Abby I have become immersed in Rumi quotes which fill such a void what a lovely lovely sentiment.

Best wishes for a new year.
Anonymous said…
Your photography is beautuful. You did a really fine job with your choice of photos and the lovely quote.
Kjelle Bus said…
Beutiful cards !
I shall send my mom-person over to your Etsy shop :)
Kitties Blue said…
These are absolutely stunning. You are very talented. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
Barbara said…
They are so precious!!
All of them are so adorable. But my absolute favorite is Buttercup. He would fit so well to my Noah, but unfortunately Noah doesn't like other cats, he wants to stay king of the house.
Have a great day!
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Joan,

Such beautiful cards. I really like the quote from Rumi that you chose.

Are in you America at the moment? I have a new neighbor - from Greece. I told her about your blog.

Cornelia said…
Am caught and moved by the beauty and the gentle power of your authentic presentation of God's Little People. Lots of love..
Annuk said…
I love that quote, dear Joan!!!
And it is so true... "We rescue them and they rescue us right back!". It is indeed mutual! I couldn't agree more!!!!!
The cards are absolutely wonderful and heartwarming... You always manage to photograph your babies in such a loving way!
Knatolee said…
You do take such beautiful photos of all the lovely cats!
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